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Hear from Graduates

Teaching Around the World

With over a 1000 graduates there are many stories to share. Here are just some.

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What an amazing key ITA's TESOL course is!! Since completing the course, I've been able to meet and teach so many amazing people through so many different avenues. In Australia I've enjoyed teaching adults from all over the world through conversational English classes at church, Japanese high school students on study tours, and young adults at language school wishing to live, study and work in Australia. I've also been privileged to serve in Japan using my TESOL training. Having this qualification has opened so many doors for me and continues to do so. I love connecting with people through teaching English.


Hello and “Sawadee” from Thailand! I took the TESOL course online and I’m so thankful it was offered online because I got to meet so many wonderful TESOL classmates living in Australia and beyond. After competing my certification, I started teaching online. Just this week I began onsite classes for the first time and have been putting into practice the activities we learned in a different way than online. My favourite part of being a TESOL-trained teacher is the amount of fun and activities we are encouraged to use in a lesson. I want my classroom to be fun and warm, and a place where every student can feel more confident in English and I am thankful for how he has given me TESOL and English classes to connect with people in a new way.




This is the best course and the trainers are wonderful. Thank you for helping me complete this course. I never thought I would be able to teach English, I didn't think my English was good enough, but now I have been asked to teach at TAFE. Thank you ITA.



I did the ITA TESOL course, and before I'd even finished my practical hours, I found myself working at a school,  a real hubbub of cultural diversity! I love my classes with migrant and refugee women, and I also work alongside a fellow ITA graduate,  supporting high school students. Teaching English has blessed me with cultural richness, working in all sorts of different communities. What beautiful people we get to serve!

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Wayne and Sue_edited.png

Wayne and Sue

We did our TESOL training together, along with quite a few others as part of our ‘retyrement’ (preparation for service in retirement). Our church wanted to help the Syrian refugees living nearby. A group of us started in-person conversational English classes a few months later. The response has been wonderful. Many friendships have been formed with people from all over the world and lives have been changed. COVID was a veiled blessing as it prompted us to help setup online English classes. We have also been to South Korea twice (and will return again soon) to teach English. Our TESOL training has prepared us for these very different teaching situations

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